Chromebook Troubleshooting

4 years ago

Guide to fix common Chromebook problems

Force a Chromebook reboot:
If the Chromebook is running, but you can’t see anything on the screen or it is frozen/unresponsive, you can force a Chromebook reboot by pressing the Power button and Reload (circling arrow) button at the same time, then release.

Chromebook won’t turn on:
If after trying a forced reboot (see above), the Chromebook still won’t turn on, try closing the lid of the Chromebook, plug the power cord into the Chromebook and a wall outlet, wait a few seconds and then open the lid (don’t press any keys,) it should power on. If it doesn’t, close the lid and let it charge for a while and try again.

Screen is sideways or upside down:
Hold Ctrl + Shift buttons and press the Reload (circling arrow) button to rotate the screen.

Wayne Community School District will not provide support for personal equipment, including hot-spots, home wifi/internet, printers, etc. We will provide support for hardware/software issues on the loaned Chromebooks. Most issues can be easily cared for by following the guide linked above, or the other points listed below that. Please try these options before contacting the District help desk. Wayne CSD Help Desk: