Wayne CSD Bond Information

On March 1, 2022, voters in the Wayne Community School District will go to the polls to cast their ballot on a two-question bond issue that represents both a long-term school facilities solution and a progressive vision for the future.


Wayne Community Schools mission is to provide students with the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed beyond the structure of our school system, including but not limited to being: Productive Citizens, Effective Parents, Proficient-Dedicated and Knowledgeable Wage Earners, Students Prepared for all Facets of Post-Secondary Education, and Moral and Ethical Leaders. Part of our mission involves recognizing educational opportunities for the future. The Wayne Community School District Board of Education is committed to a long-term vision to improve the facilities of the District.


A facility study was conducted back in 2019 to gather information on facility upgrades that included all district buildings. After the facility study was completed, the Wayne Board of Education partnered with Estes Construction and the DLR Group to begin the discussion on facility improvements. In 2021, a district facility committee was formed to develop a plan to improve district facilities. This committee was made up of community members, elementary and secondary staff, and students. After examining many options, the facility committee recommended to the Wayne CSD Board of Education to continue with the process to construct a new 7 -12 building.

Extension of Revenue Purpose Statement

The ballot will also have a third question asking to extend the Revenue Purpose Statement. This is not an additional tax but allows the district to have more flexibility in spending our sales tax dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 1/29/22

For additional Frequently Asked Questions, look for a link under 'Additional Materials' above.

When is the Wayne CSD bond election?

The bond election will be held on March 1, 2022.

Who is eligible to vote?

Any person who lives within the Wayne Community School District boundary and is registered to vote may participate in the bond election.

How do I register to vote?

You can register online with a valid driver's license, download the voter registration forms, or pick them up from the Wayne County Auditor's office.

What will the bond support?

The construction of a new 7-12 school building near the Athletic Complex.

How much is the proposed bond?

The bond referendum will be asking for $22.5 million.

What is being proposed?

“Shall the Board of Directors of the Wayne Community School District in the Counties of Wayne, Decatur, and Lucas, State of Iowa, be authorized to contract indebtedness and issue General Obligation Bonds in an amount not to exceed $22,500,000 to provide funds to construct, build, furnish, and equip a new 7-12 Grade Facility, including administrative offices and related site improvements?”

Will there be community meetings to discuss the proposed bond?

Yes, there will be two community meetings that will share the same information. The meetings will be held in the high school gym on January 26, 2022, and February 17, 2022, at 6 pm.

Why build a new 7-12 building instead of renovating the current building?

The facility committee reviewed the costs of repair for the current 7-12 building. The estimated cost to repair the facility is $18 million dollars. Our current facility is also landlocked with no room for expansion. A new facility will provide our students and staff with a learning environment that will serve the students of Wayne CSD for many years to come. A new facility will be the first step in working toward the long-term vision of Wayne CSD.

What will happen to the current 7-12 building?

There are many different variables and possibilities for the current 7-12 building. Over the next 5 to 10 years, at least parts of the building would continue to be utilized by the district. The uses of the building could include administrative offices, activity spaces, and possibly some classrooms if our enrollment numbers increase. The long-term plan for the current 7 - 12 building will be determined by the Wayne Board of Education. There are many factors and possibilities that will determine the use of the building in the next 10 years and beyond.

Does the proposed building plan include a competition gym?

The current proposed building plan does include a gym with limited seating. Wayne CSD would plan to use the current high school gym until a competition gym with more seating can be constructed at the new building site.

How much will this cost me?

Wayne CSD currently has a tax rate of $10.48. Wayne CSD currently has the lowest tax rate of area/conference schools. With the proposed levy increase, a house with an assessed value of $100,000 would have an additional tax of $199.58 a year.

Agricultural land is not taxed at the market value of the land, but instead an “assessed valuation” that is driven by productivity formulas. In Wayne County, the average assessed value of an acre of land is $651 per acre. The tax impact for 100 acres of agricultural land would be an additional tax of $234.76 a year.

Can you please detail the CSR value the agricultural estimate is based on?

When taxes are figured on agricultural land, they are based on a productivity model. Taxes on agricultural land in our school district range from $300.00 an acre to $1,000.00 an acre. The average for our school district is $651.00 an acre. A stakeholder would have to review their tax statement to determine the amount taxed on their agricultural property.

Why not build a PK-12 building instead of a 7-12 building?

The district debt limit does not allow Wayne CSD to build a new PK - 12 building at one time. The long-term vision of the current Wayne Board of Education and the Facility Committee is to have all grades at one site. Due to the debt limit of the district, the project has to be done in phases.

Why does the bond not have upgrades to the elementary building?

The district will utilize other funding sources to upgrade facilities at the elementary campus. Some improvements that have already been completed are new windows, new parking, new security system upgrades, and improved drainage around the building. The Wayne Board of Education will continue to make improvements as needed.

What are projected enrollment numbers?

Enrollment numbers are projected to remain steady or slightly increase in the next few years. However, there are factors that could increase enrollment significantly. Many groups are working in Wayne County to create new housing units to help employers in Wayne County fill open positions. While the possibility for increasing enrollment is one factor to the proposed new 7 - 12 building, it is not the only factor. The current building is in need of repair if Wayne CSD increases enrollment or not. The cost of these repairs is estimated in the 18 million dollar range. The facility committee made the recommendation for a new 7 - 12 building at a new site to avoid asking taxpayers for 18 million dollars to renovate the current 7 - 12 building.

What repairs are needed to the current 7 - 12 building for 18 million dollars?

Please click on the following link to see information from our facility study that was conducted in 2019. Costs for these repairs are estimated to be in the range of 10 to 12 million dollars. The repairs mentioned in the link do not include any repurposing of space in the building. The cost to create additional space for classrooms, offices, etc. is estimated to be in the range of 4 to 6 million dollars.

What repairs need to be made to the current 7 - 12 building if the district continues to utilize the building?

Some repairs would need to be made depending on what parts of the building are utilized. We hope these repairs can be done to last a short time and cost the district less money.

What will happen to the current FFA facilities?

The FFA facilities would have to be moved. The district has adequate space at the proposed building site to accommodate the needs of all our programs. Wayne CSD is committed to providing learning opportunities for all our students.

Who designs the interior of the building?

The elected officials of the Wayne Board of Education will work with Estes and the DLR Group to design the proposed building. The board will gather feedback from stakeholders as needed as they work through the process.

Has the district rushed this process?

I (Mike Still) can only speak for things that have been done since I have been employed in the district. In the fall of 2019, the district completed a facility study to determine areas of improvement to district facilities. After the facility study, the Wayne Board of Education partnered with Estes Construction and interviewed different architectural firms to help with the facility process. The board made the decision to work with the DLR Group. In January of 2021, a facility committee was formed to analyze our facility data and determine the next steps for the district. In September of 2021, the facility committee asked the board to support a petition to pursue a bond referendum of 22.5 million dollars. The DLR Group guides the district through the bond process and recommends an eight-week bond campaign. The DLR Group has helped multiple districts improve their facilities through the bond process.