Prom 2013

Cole Christian and Scotlan Bunnell
Tanner Salsberry and Kelli Lane

       Bryce Carpenter and Raquel Relph

Quentin Fowler and Tyra Nickell
Prom 2-13
 Brandon Bingham and Emily Bellon

Jenny Jennings and Holly Houser

Justic Murrow and Briana Johnson

Ryan Shivvers and Nicole Johnson

Zac Vanderlip and Madison Hodson

Jeff Middlebrook and Makayla Andrews

Nathan Selby and Sara Strader

Rachel Hontz and Karissa Terrell

Chey Homann and Kasi Poindexter

Aaron Hornberger and Ashtyn VanderSluis

Frank Everman and Cheyenne Linnell

James Rhodes and Chrissy Dittmer

Mick Wilson and Carly Nekvinda

Zach Davis and Maryann Jamieson

Ethan Horton and Sage Hook
Cade Christian and Britni McCarty

Chance Trumper and Jordan Lankford
Dillon Lain and Sylvia Nickell

Colten Hestness and Jamie Woollums

Shay Bardwell and Jared Kragovich

Austin Green and Ashley Burrell

Winston Relph and Megan Hodson

Cody Bertelsen and Breanna Fortune

Zach Foster and Kaylee Henry

Dakota Lovett and Shailey Carpenter

Jason Sims and Karna Hampton

Alex Martley and Amanda Collyar

Blayde Baker and Amber Nickell   

Kenton Lain and Madison Wilson

Caleb Dodds and Joella Hanes

Prom 2013
Ryan Ewing and Nichole Oswald

Taylor Rhoades and Casara Willey
Tanner Robinson and Mandie Gassman

Kaleb Hampton and Abbie Abel and Ryan

Tanner Robinson and Olivia Byrns

Matt Bertelsen and Chrissy Mondabaugh

C.D. Kunzie and Elyssa Black

Nick Loew and Samantha Banks

Brandon Gassman and Kelton McDonald

Chance Spidle and Adrian Pounds

Levi Overstreet and Logan Davis

Trent Carpenter and Brennan Banks

Evan Sinclair and MaryAnn Downs

Chasen Blue and Josie Curry

Lorenzo Baker-Martinez and Kelly McCurdy

Lucas Hysell and Cassidy Hembrey

Faith Sibert, Charlee Spaur, and
Amber Sorensen