Homecoming Candidates 
Kaylee Henry, Sarah Kelly, Shania Austin, Mary Downs
Ridge Downard, Chey Homan, Cade Christian, Draven Jellison

Dress Up Days
Class Day
Freshmen: Hillbillies
Back Row: Sarah Norris, Megan Birkland, Madison Darrah, Erica Halferty, Raegan Parham, Petie Hampton, Meranda Crewse. Front Row: Tori Helseth, Riley Brown, Katie Gassman, and Maddy Willey.
Sophomore: Nerds
Back Row: Nick Loew, Hunter Bennett, Keyton Nickell, Karleigh Shuff, McKayla Randolph, Dakota Lovett, Nicole Johnson. Front Row: Savannah Banks, Amanda Collyer, Alicia Nickell, Bailey Andrews, and Emma Robinson.
Juniors: Superheroes
Back Row: Brittany Johnson, Allie Hunt, Ashtyn Vandersluis, Cade Christian, Shania Austin, Alyssa Green, Dally Veach, Megan Knust. Front Row: Courtney Goodman, and Kaylee Henry.
Seniors: Royalty
Left to Right: Jamie Woollums, Dillon Lain, Makayla Andrews, Kenton Lain, Brennan Banks, Zac Vanderlip, Josie Curry, Faith Squier, Kasi Poindexter, Scotlan Bunnell, Amber Sorensen, C.D. Kunzie, Shailey Carpenter, Lorenzo Baker-Martinez, Mandie Gassman, Riley Darrah, and Kelly McCurdy. 
Favorite Character Day
Breanna Fortune, Allie Hunt (Little Red Riding Hood), Josie Curry (Simba), and Lorenzo Baker-Martinez (Mexican guy with pink hair)

C.D. Kunzie as Bob the Builder and Dillon Lain
 Olivia Byrns and Makayla Andrews as Thing 1 and Thing  2
Emily Bellon and Kasi Poindexter as Avatars
Levi Overstreet, Allie Hunt, Morgan Knust, C.D Kunzie, Savannah Banks, Karliegh Shuff, Alyssa Green, Amber Sorenson, and Kaylee Henery
Holly Berndt and McKalya Randolph as Ninja Turtles
Zombie Day
Front Row: Maddy Willey, Breanna Fortune, Josie Curry, Makayla Andrews, Olivia Byrns, and Dillon Lain. Second  Row: Taylor Rhoades, Morgan Knust, Katelyn Campbell, Emma Robinson, Kaylee Henry, Brennan Banks, Scotlan Bunnell, and Ethan Horton. Third Row: Mary Downs, Amber Nickell, Nick Mattley, Amy Nyberg, Gretchen Norris, Amy Ewing, Sarah Kelly, and Aaron Hornberger. 
Gabriella Buban and Keyton Nickell
                                    Josie Curry

Dillon Lain

Dillion Lain, Olivia Byrns, Makayla Andrews, and Josie Curry
Brandon Gassman, Jeffery Midlebrook, and Keyton Nickell

Thrift Shop Thursday

Mr. Wilson in his thrift shop clothes.
Kenton Lain, and Mr. Wilson
Aaron Hornberger
Makayla Andrews Olivia Byrns, Josie Curry, Brennan Banks,and Scotlan Bunnell
Mr. Elliott
Sam Phillips
Black Out
Paige Johnson, Bailey Andrews Tim Kritsky, Alicia Nickell, and Nicole Johnson
Draven Jellison, and Lorenzo Baker-Martinez
Amy Ewing, McKayla Randolph, Mr. Elloitt, Meranda Crewse, and Amber Nickell

Boom Night
Homecoming QueenMandie Gassman, 
King C.D. Kunzie, Princess McKenna Bailey, and Prince Wyatt Nagel. 
The Candidates: Olivia Byrns, Kenton Lain, Dillon Lain, Scotlan Bunnell, Brennan Banks, and Trent Carpenter.

The Candidates 

Madison Wilson and Cole Christian,
 2012 King and Queen, presenting Mandie Gassman and C.D Kunzie with the crown, tiara, and robe.

Brennan Banks and Scotlan Bunnell acting silly
C.D Kunzie And Dillion Lain

Mandie Gassman

Wayne Band

Wayne Drumline

Cheerleader Dance Routine

Mr. Elliott being escorted to his seat by the cheerleaders

Mr. Wilson's theater class performing their skit at boom night

The boys showing the theater class how it really is done

Football Managers Meranda Crewse, Mckayla Randolph, and Amber Nickell.

Youth cheerleaders stunting

Falcon Olympics

A race around the gym

Mary Downs waiting to catch the pass

The Seniors strategize a plan 

Mr. May and Heather Fortune

Sarah Kelly and Mary Ann Downs

Its a race between the Juniors and Teachers

The Teachers after they beat the Juniors









Olivia Byrns and Kenton Lain
 Brennan Banks and Trent Carpenter
Scotlan Bunnell and Dillon Lain
Queen Mandie Gassman, King C.D. Kunzie, Prince Wyatt Nigel, and Princess McKenna Bailey.
Wayne Elementery Band 

Wayne High School Marching Band