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Mrs. Tia McElvain


Daily Schedule:

8:00-8:20 Meet and greet at the door

8:00-8:30 Seat Work/Free Choice

8:30-8:45 Opening: Do Good news, Morning Message, Pledge of Allegiance, Pick Leader, Meeting Place

8:45-9:30 Large Group Instruction-PWIM, PAT Work, Poems, etc

9:30-10:15 Mini Group Instruction-PAT Work, Sight Word Work, Reading, Fluency

10:15-10:35 Unit Study, Read Alouds, Phonics Work

10:35-11:05 Recess

11:05-11:15 Wash hands for lunch

11:15-11:40 Lunch

11:40-11:45 Bathroom

11:45-12:25 Specials: TAG, Music, Art, Computers, and P.E.

12:30-1:00 Math

1:00-1:35 Rest/Science Experiments and Cooking/Testing

1:35-1:40 Bathroom/Ready for recess/Mats Up

1:45-2:15 Recess

2:20-2:25 Milk and Juice

2:30-2:45 Snacks

2:45-3:00 Free Play/Pack Folders in Bags

3:00-3:15 Prepare to go home