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Falcon Pride Assembly

First Semester Awards!


Gary and Georgia Runyon nominated Wayne for the grant and chose to donate $2,500 to Wayne Pride Project. Monsanto donates money to schools across the country who are nominated by local farmers!

7th grade perfect attendance.
7th grade A honor roll.

8th grade "I" award
8th grade perfect attendance.
9th grade 4.0 GPA.
9th grade "I" award.
9th grade A honor roll.

  10th grade Academic Letter.

                                11th grade academic letter.

8th grade A honor roll.


11th grade 4.0 GPA.
11th grade A honor roll.
12th grade Academic Letter.
10th grade "I" award.
12th grade "I" award.
9th grade perfect attendance.
11th grade perfect attendance.
12th grade perfect attendnce
High School Black and Silver super student award.
9th grade academic letter.
10th grade A honor roll.
12th grade A honor roll.