Wayne Community School District

Homecoming Spirit Days
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Sweat Day
Wednesday: Bad Hair Day
Thursday: Pajama Day
Friday: Falcon Pride/Blackout Day
Junior High/High School
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Disney Character
Wednesday: Squad Day
Thursday: Holiday Gear
Friday: Falcon Pride Day

Homecoming Candidates
Congratulations to the following seniors who were voted to the 2018 Wayne Falcon Homecoming Court:
        Aubrey Bennett                    Spencer Buban
            Bailey Kellis                           Hunter Clark
            Karryn Nickell                      Brooks Jacobsen
            Raegan Tilley                        Jared Middlebrook  
                                   Prince:  Jantz Johnston   
                                Princess: Emerson Shields      

Attention Parents and Community: Information Regarding Building Doors
This summer, the Wayne Community School board decided to purchase and install an Access Control System on the main entrances of both the Elementary and Secondary buildings.  The system locks the second set of entry doors, inside each building,
when programmed to do so.

We plan to have this in place on Monday, 8/27. On normal full school days the Elementary security doors will be locked until 7:30 AM, and will be unlocked until 8:20 AM, at which time they will be locked until 3:15 PM.  The doors at the high school building will be locked until 7:15 AM, open until 9:00 AM, and then locked until 3:30 PM. 

If you come to the building when the access doors are locked, you will need to be “buzzed in” by one of the staff members in the building.  There is a camera, speaker and microphone that sends video and sound to the offices.  You may be required to show identification, if the staff member on duty does not know you. 

Please bear with us as we work out the details and procedures.  This new system is designed to add another level of safety for our children.  Thanks for your understanding and willingness
to keep our kids safe.

Secondary 2 Hour Early Out Schedule

We apologize for this, but you will not be able to use Payschools for registration fees. Only lunch payments can be made through Payschools at this time. If you did pay fees through Payschools already (last year's fees may have shown up, even though were paid last year), we will apply those payments to your current balance and get things straightened out.

2018-19 School Supply List Click here for a printable school supply list for Wayne students.


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